At the Pollak Library, Bobrick DuraLineSeries® partitions deliver privacy and practicality.

Fullerton CSU
Photos courtesy of Brett Drury.

Every project has various moving parts, both figuratively and literally. That’s why restroom renovations in particular, require a strong driving force. That’s a role that Tammy Adams, Hospitality/Commercial Sales Specialist at Mega Western (an authorized Bobrick sales represenative), is familiar with an eager to fill.

Originally built in the 1960s, the south building of the Pollak Library at the University of California, Fullerton was in need of a robust renovation in 2017. Not only had the structure been recently damaged by an earthquake, but it was also expecting new tenants, including the university’s diversity groups. Administration needed an all-gender restroom solution that would save space while serving the floor’s various user groups. To that end, safety and privacy were top priorities for the design-build team, including Adams.


Throughout the project, Adams ensured that best practices were adhered to both on-site and off. “Before I talk to anyone, I always make sure that I’ve done my research and I understand exactly what I’m talking about,” says Adams. “In this case, it was critical that we keep up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations regarding gender inclusive design, and we relay that information.”

Through this strategy, Adams has become a trustworthy source with her clients by remaining transparent and encouraging informative, open dialogues. “I think one of the biggest things to keep in mind is being knowledgeable and providing nothing but the facts,” she adds.

In this case, the facts were clear—gap-free Compact Laminate toilet partitions from Bobrick demonstrably offered the optimal balance of privacy, cost and practicality relative to other strategies for achieving privacy. To execute a renovation of the south building’s first floor restrooms, Adams and the Mega Western team worked closely with Production Coordinator, Charnice Burns, and Associate Project Director, David Huchteman, of architecture firm AC Martin; Field Engineer, Jessica Stempniak, of contractor PCL Construction; and the university’s capital programs group.


Central to the all-gender restrooms were Bobrick’s DuraLineSeries® Compact Laminate partitions, featuring gap-free, interlocking, floor-to-ceiling 106-½-inch tall doors and custom hardware, including indicator locks to provide additional peace of mind. Formica® Myriad Ribbonwood finish was employed to add visual interest to the system, which creates a flush fa├žade with a striated pattern when the doors are closed.

While initially, fully-constructed walls were considered for the project, ultimately, it was determined that Bobrick privacy partitions would provide the best balance of privacy, practicality and spatial efficiency. As the project had already reached a value-engineering phase, the added trade costs associated with full wall construction, such as HVAC and sprinkler engineering, were quickly dismissed.

“Even though full room construction was discussed, I knew that Bobrick’s partition solutions were designed with privacy already in mind, as well as the added benefit of occupant safety,” says Adams. “I also communicated the cost and the possibility of needing two or three additional subcontractors to finish the job with full-wall construction. Multiple subcontractors increases the probability of delays.”



Adams’ thorough communication style extended to her work with AC Martin, a renowned firm with whom she hadn’t worked before.

“There were times where I’d talk with them five or six times throughout the day,” says Adams. “We garnered a great relationship in part because I did my best to make everything nice and easy. I checked in on them, made sure everything was in order and at the end of the day, I educated them.”

Location: Fullerton, CA

Bobrick Representative: Mega Western

Architect: AC Martin (Los Angeles)

Distributor: Stumbaugh & Associations

Contractor: PCL Construction (Los Angeles)

Products Used: DuraLineSeries® Gap-Free Partitions (with custom hardware)

Compact Laminate Finish: Formica® Myriad Ribbonwood

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