At a high-traffic convention center, the project team returned to SierraSeries® due to its past success.

Photos courtesy of Sylvester Garza.

In a facility that sees extraordinarily high traffic regularly, it’s expected that toilet partitions will endure some wear and tear. But at downtown San Antonio’s flagship convention center, Bobrick SierraSeries solid color reinforced composite (SCRC) partitions showed no signs of aging after more than a decade in use.

So years later, when time came for a thorough renovation, John Cox, Sales Manager at Peerless Marketing, Inc., (an authorized Bobrick aftermarket sales representative) knew exactly where to start the conversation.

Using the existing partitions as a proof point, Cox was able to defend and secure the architect’s specification for damage-resistant SierraSeries as the partitions of choice throughout the convention center.



However, in the project’s design development phase, the general contractor entertained the prospect of challenging the architect’s specification with color-through phenolic partitions.

Cox worked closely with Marmon Mok Architecture and the contractor to provide compelling information about the SCRC material, including pricing and of course, the success of the past installation from 2003. That consultation process helped reassure the contractor that SierraSeries would be the most durable, damage-resistant choice for the convention center’s next evolution.

Ultimately, 380 stalls and 66 urinal screens were installed. The partitions feature a Forest Green finish with 58-inch-tall doors in a floor-mounted, overhead-braced mounting configuration.


To harmonize with the overall restroom design, Marmon Mok specified numerous stainless steel Bobrick accessories inside and outside the cubicles, including soap dispensers, combination units and grab bars.

“Bobrick products are very popular with Marmon Mok,” said Cox. “In fact, they use Bobrick as the basis for everything they do.”

“The partitions and the accessories work hand-in-hand on an aesthetic level,” said Cox. “Together with the partitions, retaining other elements of the past design made a lot of sense. It all synergizes flawlessly.”


Location: San Antonio, TX

Architect: Marmon Mok Architecture (San Antonio, TX)

Bobrick Representative: Peerless Marketing Group (Dallas, TX)

Installing Distributor: DEA Specialties

Contractor: Hunt Construction Group (Dallas, TX)
Zachry (San Antonio, TX)

Partitions: SierraSeries® Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) 

Partition Finish: Forest Green


  • B-2111 ClassicSeries® Surface-Mounted Soap Dispenser
  • B-279 ClassicSeries Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle
  • Koala Kare Products KB110-SSWM Horizontal Baby Changing Station, Surface Mount, Stainless Steel
  • B-6047 ClassicSeries® Extra-Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Rod
  • B-6861 Two-Wall Shower Grab Bar
  • B-5191 Folding Shower Seat
  • B-298 Stainless Steel Shelf
  • B-6806 Straight Grab Bar
  • B-221 ClassicSeries Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Seat Cover Dispenser
  • B-2890 Single Jumbo-Roll Surface-Mounted Toilet Tissue Dispenser
  • B-354 ClassicSeries® Partition-Mounted Sanitary Napkin Disposal
  • B-254 ClassicSeries® Surface-Mounted Sanitary Napkin Disposal

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