Bobrick manual foam soap dispensers transform a high-traffic restroom into a source of value.

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In convention center restrooms, accessories can see a lot of use. In the case of the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, staff was hands-on with its soap dispensers for all the wrong reasons.

Most notably, maintenance was having difficulty refilling the units when soap ran out, which happened frequently due to busy trade shows and conferences. Since the dispenser was a proprietary, cartridge-based system, it was necessary for maintenance personnel to crawl underneath the sinks to refill the cartridges. Often, while they were replacing the cartridges, paneling under the sink would become dislodged and fall on workers.

In addition, due to the sheer number of dispensers and the size of the convention center, maintenance staff regularly would dispose of cartridges containing small amounts of soap to avoid making additional trips to and from the restrooms. However, Bethany Harrington of Angel-Cotton Associates, an authorized Bobrick aftermarket sales representative, knew that with the right product, these issues could be eliminated, and transformed into measurable value.


Building upon a solid relationship with the convention center’s facility manager and staff established through previous renovations, Harrington helped educate them about what makes an efficient soap dispensing system. “I met with my convention center contacts at a tradeshow to talk about their soap dispenser problem, and it was clear they were frustrated with what they were working with at the time,” Harrington said. “I shared with them our Bobrick product samples and we discussed the advantages of switching to a universal bulk foam soap system.”

At the time, Bobrick’s B-823 soap dispenser had just been released, and Harrington advised that it would provide excellent value over the long-term. She noted the difference between their current proprietary, under-the-counter, cartridge-based system, and the B-823’s ability to accommodate universal, bulk foam soap. The B-823 would allow the facility to replace their current soap cartridges with jug foam soap, and the dispenser’s top-fill design would significantly reduce the strain on their maintenance staff. Plus, the dispenser’s 34-ounce bottle capacity meant that maintenance staff would be returning for refills less often. Finally, the unit’s chrome finish and polished spout harmonized nicely with the facility’s high-end image.

By illustrating the labor- and cost-saving design of the B-823 to key stakeholders, Harrington was able to secure the facility’s installation of more than 300 units throughout the entire convention center. After installing the dispensers, the convention center reported they were spending 80 percent less on soap than they were with their previous system.


Harrington’s approach as an aftermarket sales representative has always been to identify large and small pain points through consistent dialogue. “The B-823 was a winner for the convention center. They could have gone with just about any product,” Harrington said. “But since I knew the challenges they were facing, they were able to gain real value from a simple design solution.”

Location: Long Beach, CA

Bobrick Representative: Angel/Cotton Associates

Distributor: Cascade Supply

Accessories: B-823 Manual Foam Soap Dispenser

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