In Minneapolis Public Schools, SierraSeries® partitions withstand the test of time.

In some public schools, toilet partition vandalism is all too common. In fact, at Minneapolis Public Schools, the issue had become so common that the district’s sheet metal shop, Sheet Metal Local 10, developed a complex system for dealing with requests to repair its metal partitions.

So in 2011, the team at Schu/Marketing Associates (an authorized Bobrick sales representative), was presented with the opportunity to alleviate the costly maintenance burdens associated with extensive toilet partition vandalism at several of the district’s schools.

Fortunately, Sarah Levens, Inside Sales/Operations Manager at Schu/Marketing, knew exactly how to address the issue. Through close consultation, a durable product was specified, and a strong relationship followed.


As the disrepair took its toll on Sheet Metal Local 10, the district’s staff architect approached Schu/Marketing Associates to address the problem.

“The issue had become so bad that the metal shop kept an inventory of parts to take care of all of the repairs,” remembers Levens.

The assignment? A renovation that would not only stand up to the wear and tear of daily student life, but also replicate the simple aesthetic of the district’s existing partitions. Levens knew that Bobrick SierraSeries® Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) partitions could fit the bill.

First, Levens would have to demonstrate the durability of SierraSeries to Sheet Metal Local 10, thereby securing the staff architect’s specification. Shortly after Levens demonstrated the product’s anti-vandalism qualities through an initial scratch test, the shop approved the choice.

“They really liked the material. They said it was the best stuff they’ve ever seen,” says Levens. She and the Schu/Marketing team would then work closely with the district, the metal shop and the district’s staff architect to develop a SierraSeries specification.

After the initial installation was successful, Minneapolis School District would turn to Levens and the Schu/Marketing team for their expertise over several years, eventually making SierraSeries partitions a consistent design element within all Minneapolis Public Schools’ restrooms.


Minneapolis Public Schools underwent a massive, systematic overhaul of their partition systems, aligning installations with school breaks to minimize interruptions of the normal school day.

This phased approach allowed the district to partner with a distributor they were already comfortable working with. The strategy of installing the partitions in smaller quantities over time also helped Schu/Marketing solidify a long-term consultative relationship with the school district.


To ensure that the district’s needs were being met, Sarah maintained communication with the distributor, Harris Billings Company, and the decision makers at Minneapolis Public Schools. Since the SierraSeries partitions were installed, there have been virtually no repairs—a true testament to the value and durability of SierraSeries.

“The district is extremely pleased with the SierraSeries partitions,” says Levens. “They are the only partitions they allow into the district. I’d say that speaks volumes.”

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Bobrick Representative: Schu/Marketing Associates

Distributor: Harris Billings Company

Products Used: SierraSeries® Partitions

Note: All photos depict Bobrick SierraSeries® Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) partitions. Photography not permitted in Minneapolis Public Schools.

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