After a decade, robust partitions still hold up in a high-traffic high school restroom.

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Photos courtesy of Steve Maylone.

Products can age. Installations endure wear and tear over the years and eventually, they may need to be replaced.

Product lines themselves can also age. A product specified one year can become obsolete just a few years later.

With Bobrick SierraSeries® Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) partitions, that hasn’t quite been the case. Jim Deon, Account Executive at TRC Marketing, Inc. (an authorized Bobrick aftermarket sales representative) knows this first-hand from his work with Strasburg School District in Strasburg, Colorado.

By recommending a toilet partition system that turned out to be virtually “ageless,” even after a decade, Deon was able to develop a strong consultative relationship with the district and make a lasting impact at multiple public schools.


At Strasburg High School in 2004, it was clear that its original wood partitions, installed back in the 1960s, needed to be replaced.

“Restrooms, especially in schools, are not usually visually appealing, nor do they hold up well,” says Deon. “Strasburg was no different.”

Upon first entering the restrooms, Deon and the TRC team immediately recognized the issues with the aging installation, including graffiti, vandalism and general disrepair. “The hardware was literally falling apart, the latches were broken and the panels were off-center,” remarks Deon.

Even then, Deon knew that Bobrick SierraSeries® Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) partitions could withstand the test of not only school days, but years, thanks to its noted resistance to damage, such as scratching and graffiti. The TRC team presented the SierraSeries specification kit to the primary contact at Strasburg School District, and the decision was made almost immediately.

“They were looking for something with contemporary, clean design, but most importantly, durability,” says Deon, who viewed the SierraSeries partitions as central to the overall design of the restroom. The partitions were installed in an overhead-braced mounting configuration, with 58-inch tall doors and a Golden Khaki color to create an earthy tone to complement the restroom’s brick walls and floor tiles.

Leading up to the installation, Sonia Nunn, TRC’s Customer Service Manager and resident Bobrick partition specialist, consulted with the school district’s facilities personnel to evaluate the restroom’s dimensions and help execute a successful installation.



After ten years, it’s not uncommon to lose touch with clients. However, since the Strasburg High School installation, TRC has made it a point to maintain contact with the district. According to the school, the panels haven’t required any major treatment in the decade since their initial installation. “We periodically check in on them to see how the partitions are holding up and if they need any repairs,” says Deon. “If you look at the partitions, they look like they were installed yesterday.”

In fact, the school district was so impressed, that when the time came for them to update the partitions in Strasburg Elementary School, they turned back to TRC, and of course, SierraSeries. “They were happy with the lasting impact of the product,” says Deon. “They kept the partitions in the Bobrick family.”

Location: Strasburg, CO

Bobrick Representative: TRC Marketing, Inc.

Distributor: Western Paper

Products Used: SierraSeries® Partitions

Solid Color Reinforced Composite Finish: Golden Khaki

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