Estimate Cost-in-Use. Defend Your Spec.

Justify and support your specification by estimating the cost-in-use of Bobrick washroom accessories. Whether you’re looking to save time for janitorial staff, reduce water, soap and paper towel usage to support sustainability goals, or simply cut facility management costs, you can use the tools below to estimate your savings based on key variables.

Interactive Web Calculators

Use these interactive tools to estimate product lifecycle costs, right from your Web browser.

Universal Manual Foam Soap Dispenser
Compare cost, water and labor savings for Bobrick’s newest liquid and foam soap dispensers based on estimated daily traffic, number of sinks and other factors.

Cost-Savings Worksheets

Download Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheets to estimate annual costs, consumables usage, waste output and more.

Automatic Soap Dispensers
Compare soap and waste costs for bulk fill and cartridge-based automatic soap dispensers by Bobrick.

Roll Paper Towel Dispensers
Estimate how much you’ll money and paper you’ll save with Bobrick’s automatic, universal roll towel dispensers.

TowelMate Accessories
Calculate the savings you’ll get when you switch from a C-fold paper towel system to Bobrick’s TowelMate accessory system for folded paper towel dispensers.

TrimDry Hand Dryers
See how much money, paper and labor you’ll save when you switch from folded paper towel dispensers to TrimDry Warm Air Hand Dryers from Bobrick.

QuietDry Hand Dryers
Estimate cost, paper and labor savings for the QuietDry Series DuraDry Hand Dryer compared to folded paper towel dispensers.

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